Chalet Oberland Hotel Switzerland - Interlaken  

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Chalet Oberland Hotel Interlaken offers a variety of sports activities with in close proximity to the hotel. Golf course (within 3km), Skiing, Casino, Biking, Canoeing, Cycling, Ski School facilities are located with in easy reach of the hotel.  

Chalet Oberland Hotel Interlaken offers breakfast. There is a plenty of fresh and nutritious breakfast. Restaurant at the hotel offers a variety of cuisines gracefully prepared by expert chefs. You will relish variety of innovative Swiss and international cuisines in lavishly decorated interiors. 

The "Mercato" restaurant offers various Italian delicacies for lunch and dinner. The "Chalet" restaurant offers a choice of delicious hot meals throughout the day. Luncheon menus and a wide variety of -la-carte dishes are served.


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Guest Room






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